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CW06 - Modded Watch Movement

Certiga Works

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Planning to build your next mod? Don’t forget about the watch movement. Check out our CW06 movement. It’s based on the reliable, workhorse Seiko movement: the NH36. 

The best thing about the NH36 movement is its reliability and accuracy. Under normal conditions, its accuracy is merely at -20 to +40 seconds a day. That’s why we based our CW06 on NH36. Then, we redesigned its rotor and blue plating screws to add a touch of individuality and class to your modified timepiece. The result? A 24-jewel timepiece that serves accurately and has an upgraded look that stands out from the crowd.

The CW06 is a hand-windable and automatic movement, making it appealing for most watch modders and enthusiasts. It features a second hand stop function to ensure you can synchronize your modded watch whenever necessary. And it’s available in two coating colors to suit various preferences. You can have it in either rhodium or gun coating. 

So if you need an accurate movement for your next mod, go for CW06. You can’t go wrong with this workhorse movement with manual & automatic winding. Plus, it’s compatible with most watches. It gives you the flexibility you need to complete your next or dream mod.

Product Highlights:

At a glance, here are the incredible product features of CW06: 

  • 24 jewels 
  • 21,600 vibrations per hour
  • Power reserve of over 41 hours 
  • Antimagnetic
  • With a manual winding capacity
  • Has automatic winding with a ball bearing 
  • With second hand stop function
  • With date display with quick date/day correction
  • Available in two coating colors: rhodium coating & gun coating 

Fit Models:

Seiko SKX series, Seiko SRPDXX series 


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